The thought of leaving school and having to fend for yourself can be a daunting prospect.  Builders in Ashford will tell you, like all trades, they have seen a drop in the number of school leavers wanting to get into an apprenticeship.  However having a trade is still an excellent choice for any young school leaver and something that might be worth investigating more if you are unsure what to do.  Most youngsters that end up working apprenticeships for builders in Ashford tend to be the children of the people already working for the company.

This presents a problem for the smaller company, they might not have anyone within the family wanting to come into the trade, so you will still find that there are a few learning on the job roles with builders in Ashford.  The nice thing about an apprenticeship is that you earn while you learn. Ok, the money isn’t the best in the world but it beats not having any income!  You also can be assured that you are learning a trade.  Sometimes this is the better way to guarantee work in the future.  So many young people slog their way through university to get a good degree but sadly there just isn’t the work when they come out the other side and they find themselves having to return to further education for something to do – or get a job doing something unrelated to their subject.

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By working for builders in Ashford you will find you gain some very specialised and traditional skills that are always going to be in demand.  No matter what the economic climate is doing there always seems to be new houses being built, and maintenance on older properties is something the homeowner simply has to find money for.  If you speak to builders in Ashford they are likely to be telling you they have more work than they can realistically cope with.  Of course they will try and keep up with demand because it makes good business sense – which is why so many are more than happy to take on an apprentice to help them .
Should you be lucky and secure a position with a local company you will probably find that you will spend four days a week on the job with a qualified member of staff constantly by your side.  Initially you will be doing a lot of watching and listening, but will be asked to attempted tasks that slowly gain in complexity.  To aid the training process you will likely find you are asked to attend a local college one day a week.  Here you will be able to learn further related skills in a classroom environment – meaning you will learn your trade quicker and not ‘slow down’ the work of your employer too much.  Apprenticeships vary in length depending what you need to be able to achieve but qualifications from college are recognised nationally so you will be securing yourself a great career.

Brickwork Southeast based in Ashford, Kent are always looking for reputable tradesman to join their team – apply today.


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