All vehicles must be insured including minibuses, as with other road users there are a variety of minibus insurance policies that you can apply for online. There is a minimum requirement for minibus insurance policies which is third party cover, this kind of policy covers damages and legal costs caused by the minibus while third party, fire and theft will protect it from vandalism or accidents. There are more specialised minibus insurance plans you can buy from brokers online, it may be advisable however to do some research via the web to compare insurance quotes from different providers.

Comprehensive Minibus Insurance

Comprehensive minibus insurance is the best possible cover, it insures the vehicle and the driver against third party damages, fire and theft as well as covering accidental damage to the minibus along with any costs incurred. Unfortunately accidents can and do occur at any time so it’s wise to be protected for all eventualities when out and about on the UK’s busy roads.

Additional Insurance Benefits

When buying comprehensive minibus insurance online through professional brokers minibus owners can also benefit from additional key features in their policies such as:-

  • Breakdown assistance
  • New for old replacement cover
  • Medical expenses
  • Replacement locks or windscreens

Some people think this type of insurance will be expensive because it’s so specialised, however when choosing to use the services of brokers this is generally not the case.

What Brokers Can Offer

If your minibus has a high mileage unfortunately it may result in a more expensive insurance premium therefore it’s important when requesting a quote to inform brokers of what the mileage is clocked at on the odometer of your vehicle. This will help you get the best minibus insurance quote to find cover for:-

  • Windscreen breakage
  • Any size vehicles from multi-seaters, coaches, people carriers and MPVs
  • Any use – social, domestic, pleasure, private or public
  • Breakdowns
  • Schools, communities, charities, nursing homes etc.,
  • Low excesses
  • UK and European use
  • Any driver

It’s quick and easy to request a free no-obligation minibus insurance quote or if you wish why not speak to a broker today about your requirements. Brokers can take the hassle out of searching for quotes, let them do the hard work for you while you reap the rewards of low-cost minibus premium insurance, make contact with friendly insurance advisers soon.


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