In the world of motorhome insurance there’s no definite best comparison site, this largely depends on what you’re looking for in terms of motorhome insurance products. Some owners like to stick with one insurer that they feel comfortable with, however this can be a costly mistake, insurance brokers regularly offer discounts to new customers who decide to switch from one insurer to another. There really is only one way to get the best quote for your motorhome and that’s with an online broker. They can save you a huge amount of time and money getting the best deal around for you, owners can use comparison sites themselves but the best approach is to make contact with a reputable broker directly.


Whether you’re looking for standard motorhome insurance or fully comprehensive, there are various quotes to benefit from. It’s important not to be swayed by price alone, check out the excess you have to pay as well as exclusions that may apply with certain policies. It’s also a good idea to study the level of protection offered for your personal possessions and motorhome specific accessories, buy a policy that meets your needs offering adequate protection to give you peace of mind.

Ask For Discount

Another way of being able to reduce motorhome insurance quotes is to ask brokers about discounts. These can include everything from storage and security systems, introductory offers, no claims discounts along with extra locks to being a motorhome owner club member, having low mileage and discounts for voluntary excess. Brokers specialise in motorhome insurance and offer clients a dependable, flexible service, their products are underwritten by some of the UK’s renowned insurance companies so their clients benefit from not only competitive prices but quality insurance products too.

Making A Claim

Just imagine how much it would cost in repairs and legal fees if you had a major accident and your motorhome wasn’t properly insured. Brokers realise it’s important for clients to stay within their budgets therefore offer suitable policies that cover their insurance criteria. In the event of having to make a claim you need to be insured with an insurer who provides a twenty-four hour claims line, seven days a week. If an accident does occur make sure you write down all the details, if you have a camera handy take photographs, then contact a claims adviser as soon as possible.

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