Learn skid pan training at one of the UK’s major racing circuits, prices are very reasonable and events can be organised online through specialists. Skid pan training can be arranged for blue chip companies, friends as well as individuals, courses are taken by experienced and fully qualified trainers who believe patience is the key to success. It doesn’t matter what level of driving you have, even those people who have yet to pass their test, as long as they have a provisional driving licence they can take part in skid pan training.

Course itinerary

Events organisers prepare large tarmac areas that can be set up to make you feel as though you are driving on wet, snowy or icy road conditions along with drivers being able to imitate front and rear wheel skids. This one and a half hour skid pan training driving course covers:-

  • The causes of skidding
  • Weather understeer and oversteer
  • Four wheel drift driving

You can experience skids from as little as five miles per hour which is perfect for drivers with limited experience or for those with more experience why not take part in downhill on ice driving and aquaplaning?

Make a reservation

Skid pan training is great fun as well as having a serious side which is to teach drivers how to cope with skid situations during inclement weather. This type of training could save your or someone else’s life one day and prevent an accident. You can make a reservation online or by contacting a member of staff for more information regarding dates and skid pan training course key features. Courses generally last for around two hours with one and a half hours being in the car, the rest of the time is spent on theory practice.

Ideal for car enthusiasts

Vouchers are also available to purchase as a special gift for anyone who you may think will enjoy skid pan training, there’s nothing quite like getting behind the wheel for a real life experience. For car enthusiasts there’s the opportunity to enjoy an onsite Grand Prix museum that houses a selection of Grand Prix cars, so don’t forget your camera. Check out the online photograph and video gallery too of skid pan training days. It will give you an idea of what to expect, along with the chance to see the many amenities and facilities at the location.



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