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Don’t miss out on the fun and excitement with Live Super Bowl Streaming straight to your computer. Kick-off starts Live Online on Sunday Feb 6, 2011 at 6:00 pm ET or 5:00 pm CST at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Dallas Texas will hold this main event for the very first time. You can bet your behinds it’s going to be big, especially in Texas.


Super Bowl XLV 2011 times for various U.S. Time Zones are listed below:

6:00 p.m. Eastern Time

5:00 p.m. Central Time

4:00 p.m. Mountain Time

3:00 p.m. Pacific Time

The NFL is going to broadcast this even in state-of-the-art HD. So if you have a laptop or a computer and you want to watch super bowl live, it doesn’t getter any better than this.


Watch the Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers go head-to-head this Sunday in Texas.


On January 23rd 2011, we saw the Green Bay Packers defeat the Chicago Bears 21-14 in the NFC Championship game while the Pittsburgh Steelers just barely beat the New York Jets 24-19 in the AFC Championship game. This will be the Steelers third super bowl in six years. The Steelers have already won six super bowl games in the past, this is nothing new to them. It’s nothing new to the Green Bay Packers three super bowl wins either. You can see all the highlights online from thousands of channels that published the events as it happened.


The following are the years both teams have won:

Green Bay Packers Three Championships

Super Bowl I played January 15, 1967.
Super Bowl II played January 14, 1968.
Super Bowl XXXI played January 26, 1997.


Pittsburgh Steelers: Six – most of any NFL Team

Super Bowl IX beat the Vikings – (January 12, 1975)
Super Bowl X beat the Cowboys – (January 18, 1976)
Super Bowl XIII beat the Cowboys – (January 21, 1979)
Super Bowl XIV beat the Rams – (January 20, 1980)
Super Bowl XL beat the Seahawks – (February 5, 2006)
Super Bowl XLIII beat the Cardinals – (February 1, 2009)

Gather up your buddies, stack up the fridge with food and beers, bring coal to the fire pit, click here to see the action live online and get ready for the craziest event of all time. These two teams are sure to give us the greatest super bowl match we ever seen.


The Super Bowl XLV Halftime Show

Let’s talk about the super bowl halftime show for a second. We just got confirmation from trusted sources and confirmed that The Black Eyed Peas will perform a full out concert in front of millions. They are set to perform in the Bridgestone Super Bowl XLV Halftime Show on FOX at Cowboys Stadium in Northern Texas on Sunday, Feb, 6. Fox had this to say about the event: “The Bridgestone Super Bowl Halftime Show is the most-watched musical event of the year. More than 153 million viewers in the U.S. watched last year’s show. The Super Bowl and halftime show will be broadcast worldwide.”


The Black Eyed Peas latest album labeled “The Beginning” was just released, which gave nay-sayers a run for their money when they thought The Black Eyed Peas album “The End” was the groups last effort. Since 1995 – the groups formation – they managed to sell more than 28 million albums worldwide and over 30 million digital songs. You can watch their latest music video on youtube called “The Time (Dirty Bit)” which is their first single off their latest album “The Beginning“. You can Download The Black Eyed Peas – The Beginning Here.

The Lingeri Bowl VIII will also take place during the 2011 Super Bowl XLV half time show event from the Lingerie Football League (LFL). This event is special as it will be aired on Pay Per View broadcast (in the US). You can access this event on DirecTV, InDemand, DISH Network, and with Live TV Internet Streaming The Lingerie Bowl VIII is going to be held Sin City, Las Vegas Nevada, at the Thomas & Mack Arena venue on Sunday, February 6, 2011 at 8:00 PM ET.



The Super Bowl XLV Commercials List


Now we all know advertisers are paying top-dollar for spots during every super bowl XLV game that you can see online, but this year the list is huge, and we have a few brands that are buying up more than one spot. Below is a list of brands that coughed up more money than most of you will probably see during your lifespan, for 30 seconds worth. Ya, this is serious business. The list is as follows:


Anheuser-Busch InBev – 3 spots
Audi of America – 1 spot
Best Buy – 1 spot
BMW North America –  2 spots
BMW Mini – 1 spot
Bridgestone – 2 spots
Careerbuilder – 1 spot
CarMax – 2 spots – 2 spots
Chrysler – 2 spots
Coca-Cola – 2 spots (1 minute each – yikes!)
E-trade –  1 spot
General Motors – 5 (wow) – 2 spots
Groupon – 1 spot
HomeAway Inc. – 1 spot
Hyundai Motor North America – 3 spots
Kia North America – 1 spot
Mars – 1 spot
Mercedes-Benz – 1 spot
Motorola – 1 spot
NFL – 1 spot
Paramount Pictures –  5 spots
PepsiCo’s Doritos – 3 spots
PepsiCo’s PepsiMax – 3 spots
PepsiCo – 1 spot – 2 spots
Sketchers – 1 spot
Teleflora – 1 spot
20th Century Fox – 1 spot
Universal Studios – 2 spots
Volkswagen of America – 2 spots
Walt Disney Pictures’ “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” – 1 spot

Look, there’s more than just watching the super bowl 45 Online just for commercials. Let’s not forget the gorgeous choreography from both teams cheerleaders (their splits are a must see). There’s the fun and excitement with being next to friends while guzzling down on beers, munching on chili dogs, yelling and screaming so hard that your blood vessels start protruding from your forehead because of a missed pass. There’s the moment where you don’t care that your oversized beer gut is hanging out of your unbuckled pants. The moment when your burp is followed by chunks of Doritos caused by gas bubbles stuck in your stomach. Let’s get serious here. There isn’t a better moment when you and your friends are watching the super bowl XLV live online straight from your computer. For Pete’s sake, don’t be the laughing stock that misses out on this event. Do yourself and your friends a favor and stream the super bowl live from your p.c. now.





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National Champions baby……….our big win in the finals against a good Az. team………we were just too fast and strong for them……..only gave up 1 first down the whole game, 1st play from scrimmage then the steel curtain came down………These kids deserve to be called National Champs………We Run This Game……………….

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